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About RSAS


Supporting Families

Established in 1985, RSAS aims to provide direct support to the families and carers of Rett girls and women in Scotland, the UK and internationally.

Healthcare Advice

RSAS works in partnership with a dedicated team of Medical Advisers, through whom we can offer healthcare advice to Rett carers. We fund research into the causes and implications of Rett Syndrome, headed by Dr Mark E.S. Bailey at Glasgow University and disseminate the findings of this and other research amongst the Rett community. 

Public Awareness

Alongside regular newsletters, we offer a back-catalogue of Rett-related publications. We aim to facilitate a better public awareness of Rett Syndrome and can provide expert speakers to media and public organisations.

The Team

RSAS relies on a dedicated team of volunteers, headed by a committee of eight:

Chairman: Graeme Dallachy

Secretary: Mary Goldie

Treasurer: Caroline Groves

Committee Members: Jan Hunter, Anne McLeod, David Jackson, Kate McMahon, Pauline McQuillan, Tom Duncan

RSAS is a Scottish Registered Charity No. SC016645